Saturday, August 6, 2011

Moving on to Guangzhou

Thursday after our orphanage visit a friend from Iowa came to our hotel.  She has been in China for many years teaching.  She speaks the language fluently.  Needless to say, Emmett was intrigued by this American lady that could speak his language so well!  Through her we learned more about his personality.  He is a big tease!  He was teasing her at various times about the food she was eating, things she was saying, etc.  His expression was definitely mischievous, but we didn't know what he was saying.  He notices everything!  He is also a big caretaker.  He won't eat until everyone else has food.  When offered a snack, he will offer some to everyone else first.  He continues to be active, but is settling down a little more every day.
Friday afternoon we flew from Nanjing to Guangzhou, where the American consulate is.  I was nervous about his first plane ride, as he doesn't sit still very long at a time!  There are no seat belts here, so when we are driving in the van he is free to roam and change seats.  I had the guide explain to him that he needed to sit in his chair on the airplane, and he nodded his head.  He was very excited to see all the airplanes at the airport, and watched contentedly out the window for a while as we waited for our flight.  Some airport workers were interested in him, and asking him many questions.  We of course didn't understand any of this, but were watching.  At one point he pointed to me and said, "Mama" and to Brian, "Baba."  Finally he got out his adoption book (book of photos we had sent ahead of time with our family information) and showed it to them.  Wish I knew exactly what was said!  When the airplane took off he was so excited; he was grinning from ear to ear!  He very much enjoyed the plane ride! 

This morning we went for his medical exam to get his visa to enter the USA.  Prior to that we had to get another photo taken.  While we waited for the photos to develop, we looked around the store.  He went to the toy shelf and started loading up his arms with trains and airplanes.  I told him "one," in Chinese, and he looked at me very sadly, and said, "Jiejie."  That means older sister.  He had 4 trains in his hands, and wanted one for him and one for each sister!  I felt so bad!  Needless to say, we bought 4 trains! 
The medical exam went pretty well.  It wasn't too busy when we got there, but was crazy full of people by the time we left.  We were sure glad we went early!  The doctor wasn't very gentle with him, but he handled it fairly well.  Brian was able to hold him the whole time.  He didn't need any shots, just a TB test. 

Now we are back at our hotel.  We are very privileged to have a friend from China that we met in Chengdu last summer come and spent a few days with us!  She has helped us learn more about Emmett as well.  I'm  heading off to a paperwork meeting with our adoption agency staff, so this will be it for now.  Greetings to all!  Thanks for following along on our journey!

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  1. So I read the words "friend from Iowa" then read on about being over there for many years etc! That could only mean 1 person!! Jan B! :) If not, then I'm stumped! Cute, cute about the trains!