Monday, August 1, 2011

Anxious Waiting......

One more hour before going to the Civil Affairs office to meet Emmett in person! Everyone is excited but deep down there is fear and anxiety.

Most everyone was able to sleep in this morning and a big breakfast.  The food was presented at many different islands so everytime we went back for something, someone found something the others hadn't seen.  By Saturday we will have it all figured out!

The girls wanted to swim and we were told the pool was in the basement.  When we took the elevator to the basement, we found a man sleeping on a couch and he quickly told us the pool wasn't  open.  Reception told us it would open at 2pm.  Maury went down another way and asked  in the lobby where the pool was and the assistant manager told him she would have someone open it up for us.  The girls had a great time swimming and were able to burn off some extra energy.

Interesting signs at the pool!

We met our Nanjing guide (also named Nancy) for a quick tour of the neighborhood where we found a grocery store and a bank.  Nancy pointed out where the Pizza Hut and Starbucks were located!

Brianna and Linnea passing the time with the iPad

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