Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Consulate visit

We had our appointment at the American Consulate this morning.  After a passport check and security screening, we were admitted to the area that processes adoptions and other American citizen matters.  There were about 15 adoptive families there.  We all jointly took an oath that all of our paperwork was correct, then were called up one family at a time to go over all the paperwork one last time, sign our immigration form for Emmett, and finalize everything.  Now we just wait for his visa to be issued, hopefully tomorrow, so we can start our journey homeward!  We are planning to take the train to Hong Kong tomorrow evening, spend a day there, and head home Friday.  For some reason the plane tickets home were much more expensive on Thursday than Friday.  We will be meeting up with some people in Hong Kong, so will enjoy our time there I'm sure. 
We ate lunch at Starbucks today.  Emmett wasn't too impressed with the offerings there, but did eat 1/2 of a chicken ceasar wrap.  We went swimming this afternoon, even in the rain.  We were able to be in the pool about an hour, but had to get out when it started thundering.  Later this afternoon we explored the hotel more, and found a play area with a slide and a couple of swings.  The area (rooftop) also has a pond with a bridge, some fish, and a waterfall.  It was a peaceful place to be for an hour or so.  Emmett enjoys swinging and sliding.  He will enjoy our backyard!  He is learning more english, and more about our family.  We were throwing pool toys in the pool this afternoon, which was a blast.  Then I made motorboat noises as we went to get them.  However, he threw his silly putty in the pond this afternoon, and it sank.  Bye-bye silly putty!  We just told him it was gone, and he accepted that.  He is testing boundaries, but rarely in a defiant way.  He'll start something he isn't sure about doing, and will look at me out of the corner of his eye to see my reaction.  If I shake my head no, he'll usually stop after a minute or two.  He was defiant once in the pool a couple days ago, trying to get into the deep end.  I know he didn't understand it was deep there, as the rest of us went there, but he scared us.  He went there again, in spite of my "no", so got a "time-in."  Kids from orphanages are frequently left along for punishment or just because, so time-outs aren't recommended.  The message is to be that the activity isn't appropriate, but the child isn't being rejected.  So, I got him out of the pool and held him on my lap for a few minutes.  He didn't like that much, trying to pinch and wiggle away.  After a few minutes I let him go, pointed at the shallow end, and he went that way.  We never had a problem again!  I had someone explain to him later that it was too deep in that end, and mommy and daddy couldn't keep him up there.  He really is a very reasonable kid!  We are very pleased that he is our son! 
Currently all the kids are playing hide and seek in the hotel room again.  Dad plays too at times, but I only get called of there is a problem!  Apparently he has figured out who the disciplinarian is, as I am the one he asks about things or tattles to.  Interesting!  (Not that Brian doesn't discipline, just seems like it is me more often.)  Goodnight all... though it is early morning for you.  3 more days!


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  3. Just want to say thank you so much for sharing your wonderful journey here. It is amazing to be a part of your journey we wish you the best!!

  4. I love all your updates. Can't wait to see you all back here soon! :)

  5. It sounds like things are going so well. Glad for you all! He's a lucky little boy & so are you, I'm sure you know. :)