Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting to know our son

We are very greatful for our girls especially these last couple of days.  We have a very high energy son, who is also very full of nervous energy currently (appropriately, as his whole world has been rocked), and keeps us busy.  He loves his sisters, and they take turns keeping up with him.  He loves to swim, so we've been in the pool every day.  We appreciate grandma and grandpa also; who are taking photos and video of this experience.  You can thank them too, as you wouldn't have many pictures to look at without them!  Haixing is enjoying them too, but clearly knows who his parents are. 

We toured a park and lake yesterday morning, which was great!  We need to keep Haixing busy!  It was a very nice day; relatively cool, and the park was beautiful!  We went for a boat ride.  We're learning that we have a mechanical son!  He quickly learned how to turn the motor on and off, and put it in reverse! 
We brought matching AOPA hats for Emmett and baba (dad), and brought them out last night.  Emmett seems to like his, and immediately saluted and went through some military moves!  It was cute!  We're wondering where he learned that, and what he is thinking! 

Today we go visit his orphanage, to bring some gifts and get some insight into his life before us.  It should be an interesting expericence!

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