Friday, August 26, 2011

Home for 2 weeks

Emmett continues to amaze us with how quickly he is adapting to his new life.  It's hard to believe we hadn't met him yet 4 weeks ago!  We arrived home 2 weeks ago today.  (We are very glad we were able to go then, and not just be traveling home today!) 
Last week was very busy with our county fair, as the kids have many 4H projects that they entered.  They did reasonably well, but could tell on a few things that we had been gone more than 2 weeks just before the fair.  Brianna received a special merit (best finish award) for her woodworking project, an intartia cat.  Linnea received a special merit for her model of a solar system, which she had spent many hours creating!  Elena showed Merlin (one of our cats) and received a top blue in his category.  Many other ribbons were received too, but those were the best! 
Friday afternoon was ride day for us.  The girls each got wristbands, so they could go on unlimited rides.  I just bought a few tickets for Emmett, as I was sure he'd never ridden anything like that before.  All three girls went with him on the merry-go-round, since I was nervous about what he would do.  He smiled and seemed to understand what was happening.  He did get nervous when I got out of sight though.  After that Linnea went with him on some of the little kid rides.  He loved them all, and begged for more!  Before it was over he rode 1/2 of the grown up rides, squealing and grinning from ear to ear!  Wow!  I ended up buying him a wristband too, because he loved all the rides.  He begged to go on the really crazy ones, but I thought enough was enough for the first time.  For several days after that at home he asked to go back!  ("Mama, let's go, weeeee" with a circular motion in the air.) 
Saturday morning was cat judging.  It's not really a fun place, with 40+ cats in a room that don't want to be there, and are nervous anyway.  Brian decided to stay home with Emmett and Linnea, since an active little boy who squeals whenever he sees a cat really wouldn't help the atmosphere much.  Using google translate, I explained to Emmett that I was leaving for a little while, but Daddy and Linnea would stay with him and I would come back.  He happily waved goodbye.  However, Elena and Brianna forgot some things, so I returned home 1/2 hour later.  This time he cried when I went to leave again!  (A first).  I sat and cuddled him for about 20 minutes, then put him in Brian's arms with one of his favorite milk boxes from China and the ipad, with videos of him swimming in China.  He did fine.  It does show he is attaching well to us though! 
Sunday we had a family over whose son was recently diagnosed with diabetes.  We certainly feel for the family, since we well remember that day for us, over 9 years ago now.  Emmett didn't like sharing his family and home though, and was whiny and throwing fits several times while they were here.  One more thing for him to learn!  In between he did have a good time playing with their little guy, 6 years old. 
The rest of the week has been a little quieter.  Tuesday Emmett had his doctor appointment and received 4 shots.  He wasn't very happy about this.  I really want the shots to have a chance to start working before school starts though.  His leg was sore for a couple days afterwards, so he learned to take medicine.  Apparently medicine in China is very bitter, so he doesn't like it.  He really doesn't like liquid Motrin or Tylenol either though, but would take it with lots of encouragement.  I think he figured out it helped his leg feel better. 
Yesterday we visited his school for the first time.  We had skyped with a native Chinese speaker the night before, so we could explain what we were doing.  He was a little nervous, but seemed to enjoy playing in the classroom and on the playground.  Next Tuesday is open house, and Thursday is a short day for kindergarten, 1 1/2 hours, with only a few kids coming at a time.  His first full day won't be until Sept 6.  I'll go with him, and we'll stay as long as he tolerates.  He says he isn't scared to go as long as I am with him.  I really think he'll quickly get to love school, as he likes to be busy, and really soaks up learning!  There is another little boy in kindergarten (the other class) who was adopted from Vietnam 3 years ago.  I wonder if they will become best friends?
Emmett had another big first this week!  He learned to like ice cream!  We figured it would happen, since Brian and the girls eat lots of ice cream.  Whenever we've been going out for ice cream, both in China and here, I would get him french fries instead, since he loves those.  Well, Thursday afternoon we stopped for ice cream, and he refused his french fries.  He ate a good share of his sisters' cones, so I got him one.  We were amazed!
 Since then he eats Schwan's ice cream bars at bedtime!  He asked for one yesterday morning too, but accepted it when told they are only for bedtime.  Last night he got his own out before being told it was ok, so he definitely understood when it was ok to eat them! 
His english is expanding rapidly!  He comes out with 5-8 new words every day.  We are amazed at all he is learning.
He also had his first haircut this week.  We weren't sure how that was going to go.  We went and watched several men get their hair cut, then I asked Emmett if he wanted to go first, or Daddy.  I expected Brian to go first.  However, Emmett said he wanted to be frist, andhopped up there like a pro.  He is ticklish, so wiggled a little, but really did very well!  Clearly he knew what this was all about. 
Elena went to the dentist yesterday to get some sealants put on her teeth.  I told him where we were going, and he pointed to his teeth.  Clearly he has heard of a dentist before.  He then mimed getting teeth pulled!  I told him that wasn't going to happen to Elena.  He wanted to go in a watch, so we did.  He has his first dental appt in October, to give him a little more time to get acclimated to everything.  In one of our skype calls, I'm going to have someone ask him about his experience with a dentist, if any.  Hmm...
He is sleeping well every night, and doing well with food.  He'll try anything once, which is great!  He doesn't like cheese (no surprise, since they don't eat it over there) or any cheesy, creamy sauces.  He eats all vegies when cooked, loves meat, and eats rice and/or congee daily.  He loves that he can eat whenever he is hungry.  For the first week we wasted a lot of food, as he always wanted a lot of everything, but would fill up.  I think he's learned that there will always be more now, as he only asks for what he can eat.  He learns so fast! 
He continues to love to ride his bike; riding for over 1 1/2 miles Wednesday afternoon!  He enjoys swimming also, especially when it is really warm out.  The girls continue to be excellent big sisters!
All for now!


  1. Another post!! :) Exciting to hear about your days with Emmett! Glad that all is progressing well and hope ya'll are doing fabulous!

  2. Glad to hear all-thanks!