Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Emmett is officially a Lerwick today!

Emmett slept pretty well last night.  He woke up once in the night, and was able to communicate that he needed the bathroom.  Our first night with a 5 year old we just met, who doesn't speak our languange, actually went better than I thought.  He had fun playing with thegirls, but settled down well at bedtime.  He ate well at breakfast this morning, experimenting with different types of food.  He doesn't seem to be a picky eater at all! 

At 9:30 we left for the office of foreign adoptions to finalize the adoption.  He was a little nervous when we arrived there; I'm sure he had some mixed feelings from yesterday at the same office.  He played with his sisters while Brian and I were interviewed and did the final paperwork.  Then the orphanage director came to give us some final paperwork we needed from them.  We were wondering how it would go when he saw her again.  He hardly even looked at her, and returned to playing with the girls.  She wanted a hug when she left, but it was a one-sided hug.  He wanted to be with us!  It was difficult for her, but wonderful for us!

We will go visit the orphanage on Thursday, and will get to have lunch there!  Tomorrow we will go to a local lake with a park for some local culture and exercise!  Emmett Haixing is a very energetic little boy!  Our guide, Nancy, has been a huge help to us!  She will be with us every day until we leave for Guangzhou. 

After lunch, we headed for the pool.  This was a new experience for Emmett Haixing!  The director told us he had never been in a pool before.  He was very concerned about getting his trunks wet and when he saw baba get his wet, he decided it was ok.  The water was cool so it took him a while to adjust.  His favorite thing to do was splash his sisters!  When it was time to get out he was suprised at the water draining out of his trunks and that became a game to do over and over again.


  1. Congrats guys!! I am happy for you all! Hope you return safely!

  2. From the pictures, it looks like he's especially attached to baba already!