Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Days at Home

Things are going remarkably well considering all it could be, but jet lag is hard!  Especially with a child who has no idea why he is awake and hungry in the middle of the night!  Anyway, apart from that, we're doing well.  Emmett has adapted very well.  He immediately recognized his own bed, and has slept there every night except the first night we were home.  (He slept with Elena the first night).  He started out waking up at 1:15 for the day, and actually slept until 6:30 this morning!  If he wakes in the night (occasionally once) I just lie down in his room with him for a bit and he goes back to sleep.  He is quickly figuring out what things are ok to play with, and what things to leave alone.  I am amazed at how quickly he is catching on to things!  He learned how to ride a bike Monday morning!  He loves to ride his bike now.  It's been a very busy week, since our county fair is on.  We're been there the last 3 days to turn in projects and get them judged.  He is tolerating that quite well.  He still likes to be carried, so I'm getting stronger arms. 
Brian went back to work Monday am, and Emmett was awake to see him off.  We skyped with my parents shortly afterward, and their visitors explained to him that daddy was going to work, and would be back.  We went to visit Brian at lunch time.  Tuesday am he waved goodbye contentedly, but at lunch time got his shoes on and said, "Let's go."  We can't go to John Deere every day, so we got busy doing something else instead. 
Linnea goes to cello practice every morning, and he minds that worse than Brian going to work.  Today he accepted it and told her goodbye, but previous days he has gotten upset when we leave there without her.  She went to a birthday party Tuesday afternoon, and he didn't want to leave her there either!  He asked for her every 20-30 minutes for the 3 hours she was gone.  When we went to pick her up, he ran across the park screaming her name!  She heard him and came running, and got a big hug.  It was precious to all watching!  Several other parents were amazed, especially knowing Emmett has only been with our family just over 2 weeks. 
He enjoys the swimming pool, and is getting braver.  Soon I'll give him a "learning vest" that he'll wear on his chest to help him float.  So far he clings to us or stays by the steps.  I think he is close to getting enough confidence to strike out a little more on his own with the vest.  He loves to ride the lawn tractor with Brian!  I've told him that only daddy drives the tractor, so he doesn't beg me for rides all day!
He has done very well in meeting so far.  Sunday he kept himself busy and hardly made any noise.  He slept through Tues evening gospel meeting.  He has figured out where the crayons and markers are, and spends some time doing that.  He does enjoy watching his Chinese music DVD's.  I imagine it is comforting to hear his language.  We have skyped twice this week with people who speak his language as natives or very well, and he chats for a bit, then goes off to play, stating, "bye-bye!"  Overall we are quite amazed!  Next week will be calmer, as the fair will be over.  We'll be able to spend most of the time at home, and get more of an idea where he is developmentally and academically.  His gross motor skills are better than I had expected.  He can write his numbers 1-9, and is working on Emmett.  He can write his name in Chinese characters.  He is learning to count backwards by operating the microwave.  He continues to love to push buttons, and quickly learns to operate things.  I was hoping he wouldn't figure out the garage door opener soon, but of course that didn't take long.
Our social worker came for a visit Monday evening.  She was amazed at how attached he is to the family already.  While she was here he decided he was hungry.  He got a bowl out of the dishwasher, the Cheerios out of the pantry, milk out of the frig, and brought it all to the table.  She says it's like he's been here for months already instead of a few days.  We are very lucky!
All for now, thanks for thinking of us!

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  1. This is defiantly one of my favorite posts from you!