Monday, August 29, 2011

More firsts

Friday night Emmett had his first ride in a small airplane. We didn't exactly plan it that way, but he let us know what he wanted. Brian had a meeting out at the airport, so Brianna, Linnea, Emmett and I came out there when he was almost done with the meeting. We wandered around the airport, and showed him which plane was Daddy's. I had told him where we were going. He brought along his photo book we made for him of our family, which had photos of the airplane in it. He compared the photo in the book to the real thing, and apparently it passed. When Brian finished with his meeting, he came out to the hanger, and unlocked the plane. We were just going to let him sit in it; as Brian had no plans to fly. He hopped in the back, buckled up, and said, "Let's go!" (This continues to be his favorite phrase.) After some discussion, Brian agreed to take him up for 10 minutes. I told him he had to stay buckled, and he nodded his head. Brianna rode in front, and Linnea in the back with him. He squealed on take off, and talked excited Mandarin the whole flight! He had a blast, and I think was hoping to fly longer. 
First time in Daddy's airplane

wearing his headset!
right after landing
Saturday was John Deere's 100th anniversary celebration in Horicon, with a big parade, lots of food, bouncy houses for the kids, games, etc.  Emmett seemed to have a good time. Saturday afternoon I bought him a bigger bike (now 16") which he rides like a maniac!  His balance has improved dramatically in 2 weeks! 
Sunday we went hiking at Ledges Park, which has lots of rocks to climb on.  He was nervous/cautious, since he hadn't done that before, but wanted to keep going when it was time to go home!  He really is game to try most anything!  More later, it's supper time. 


  1. Story for you, quite sad in my mind..but yet it's kinda funny. We went to Malcom for Sunday only, and I was so sure that I saw Brian there. So I got really excited thinking that if he was, surely the rest of the family, including Emmett would be there too!! Well, let's just say it wasn't him or any of you for that matter. I was thinking I finally get to meet you guys etc, but when I found out who it was...I was very sad! :) Hope you're doing well though!