Monday, August 1, 2011

A family of 6

 Emmett Haixing is ours!  He and his nanny and orphanage director were waiting for us at the office handling foreign adoptions when we arrived at 3pm.  We were standing outside the glass door just looking at him, when he looked up and saw us.  His face lit up!  It was very precious!  He had his photo book we had made for him, and most things we have sent!  He brought out his book and looked at the photos with us.  Brian and the girls played with him with a model airplane we brought along (same as Brian's real airplane), while I talked to the nanny and the orphanage director. 

That was my big chance to find out as much possible about our new son!  Emmett was quiet at times, but mostly bubbly and interactive with the kids especially!  There was another couple there meeting their son for the first time, who is a year younger than Emmett.  Their son was very quiet and not interacting at all.  We were very happy for our energetic outgoing son!  We had a family photo taken for the Chinese adoption record, then the nanny and orphanage director said their goodbyes.  We could clearly see they were attached to him, and he to them.  He cried and got very upset when they left.  He tried to run after them.  Brian picked him up and held him.  Thankfully we were done with paperwork, so could leave quickly.  He sat between Brian and Brianna in the van on the way back to the hotel.  He was pretty sober at first, but started playing with stickers some.  When we returned to the hotel he was more settled, walking to the elevator holding his sisters' hands.  Within an hour he was playing with the girls and giggling.  Those giggles are priceless to us!  We had our first supper together, and learned he isn't picky and enjoys eating!!! 

We went for a walk after supper, and got lots of stares.  Some people seemed to understand what was happening, and smiled; others just looked puzzled.  Now we are heading to bed.  We'll see how that goes!  Overall this day has gone very well!!!!  


  1. So precious! Thinking of you and excited for you. Linda L

  2. Hi Laura,
    We have met your parents in HK twice now at cons and have heard your story of adopting your new son from them. Would love to make contact with you personally as we are on the same journey as you have just taken.
    Wish you the very best with your gorgeous son Emmett.
    Kind regards,