Friday, June 24, 2011

Article 5

We received official word today that the Consulate issued our Article 5 on Wed, 6/22!  We are now officially waiting for TA!  When we get our TA then we schedule travel.  We are so close!!!!  TA's take anywhere from 1-6 weeks, but generally 3 weeks.  We are hoping to leave July 28th or August 11th, depending on when our TA actually arrives. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My heart is full!

We got to skype with Emmett Haixing tonight, and it went better than any of us hoped!  He was wearing the shirt we sent, and had the books and photo album with him.  As his sisters took turns being close to the camera, he found their photos in the book.  He obviously has looked at his photo book many times!  We talked about our swings, and he immediately looked for that page also.  We knew he liked music, so asked him about that.  He sang a little song for us!   We were cautioned not to talk about adoption, not being sure how much he knows or understands, but one of his first questions was, "Can you come and get me on Monday?"  Totally melted our hearts!  He called us mama, baba, and older sisters.  His only request was that if we can't come on Monday, could we send some colored pens.  Believe me, I will be purchasing colored pens, pencils, paper, etc to send to him this week!!!  He seems to be very perceptive.  When asked if he had any questions, he turned to the photo of me in his book, and asked if I went to work.  I told him I did when the children were at school, but that I wouldn't go to work for the first few months after he comes home.  He seemed satisfied.  He also noticed that Brian was quieter than the rest of us, and specifically asked Brian to sing him a song!  It was priceless!  He was smiling, happy, waving, and knew all about what was happening.  We are even more excited than we were before!!!!!   I really can't express how much that call means to all of us!  Here are some snapshots from the call.  In the second one, he is holding the Clifford book we sent to him.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NVC cable/letter: only 2 cars left!

I was a little frustrated yesterday when most other people who received I800 approval the same day we did were cabled and received their letters.  We had received an email saying ours was in process, but that was all yesterday.  Anyway, we received notice this afternoon that we were cabled today, and got the letter to prove it.  That went to China today, so we are waiting for article 5.  Hopefully just 2 weeks for that, then the travel authority!!!!  We're getting closer!!
We also got a surprise email from our agency, saying they have arranged a Skype call with Emmett Haixing on Thursday evening!  That will be awesome!  I have asked a couple times if we could do that, and hadn't received firm answers.  The orphanage has now agreed!  We will have a translator from our agency on the call as well, so should be interesting!  I'll report back on Friday.