Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Emmett really enjoyed his birthday!   He started asking when it was already by the end of September.  One of his classmates had a birthday, and so he wanted one!  I'm still not sure he understands completely that his birthday is the day he was born, we'll have to keep working on that.  Anyway, we made a paper chain early in October for him to count down to his birthday.  Brianna's birthday is 4 days before his, so she made one too.  From seeing his classmates at school, he understood what a birthday meant at school.  He had no idea about anything else though, until Brianna's party.  He watched carefully as she blew out candles on her cake, opened presents, played with her friends, etc.  Then he really got excited for his!  I waited until the day of his birthday to buy a present for him from us, because he hasn't explored much yet.  However, several times this week he asked for a dump truck, including just before getting on the bus on his birthday ("Mama, dump truck please for happy birthday?") So, I found a dump truck.  We invited some of the neighbor children over that he and Linnea play with a lot, and it was just right!  Everyone was here about an hour, had cake and presents and played for a bit.  He was very tired afterwards, and went to bed early!  Here's some photos:
The special Happy Birthday chair at school

The calendar at school, with the birthday cake on the 17th.  It's hard to see, but his name is written on the cake.

blowing out candles.  he picked out the cake at the store, and was very excited to see that his name was on it when we picked it up!
all the kids
a scooter from Jacie and Ryan

color wonder paints from Bri, Livvy, and Joey

a helicopter from Elena

a fire truck from Brianna

a tow truck from Linnea
studying his lego fire truck from Grandma and Grandpa

playing with the dump truck!  (it came with the hard hat)


  1. Laura, Sadly, my parents will be at work, and I will be in school. Do you know about what time? Also, we are headed up to MN...but when are you coming back? Would it possibly work out then maybe? Let us know!! Or you can talk to my parents via Facebook. Thanks! Em

  2. Okay, I read your comment said next month and I thought this month! That might work, I'm not entirely sure, because my brothers all are coming home, but still, do you know when you come back? Sorry about that!

  3. I promise this is the last comment! :) Loved looking at the pics from his birthday! :) I talked to my mom and she said that you are more then welcome to come whenever! All of us want to see you etc. Hopefully something works out!!

  4. Either works fine...or even both she said hopefully! :)

  5. Would it be ok if I used Emmett in a speech about adoption? Hopefully you can let me know today! :) I will go ahead and add him, but if it isn't ok, then I will take him out. Thanks, Emily

  6. 2 weeks, 2 days! :) (No..I'm not excited ;)!!) I can't wait!!!

  7. Hey! See you in a lil' over a day! I'm guessing you know how to get here? :) Can't wait to meet ya'll! Em